Councillor Pootmans presenting a safety achievement award to Kiss and Drop!

This program is designed to help alleviate traffic by ensuring the designated area has a consistent flow of traffic during
the Kiss and Drop Program times.  There are times when the traffic may back up because vehicles are waiting for pedestrians at the cross walks. Please be patient and wait to enter the Kiss and Drop zone before letting your child out of the vehicle in the Active Zone. If you are unable to enter the K&D line from the 3-way stop, please loop around to re-enter the K&D Zone.

This program also alleviates parking issues we are having right now around the school.  On cold days, this zone will be especially essential.  Please do not park your vehicle in this zone. The Kiss and Drop will operate on all days that the crosswalk patrollers are on – if it is too cold for them, it is too cold for the Kiss and Drop Volunteers too and the Kiss and Drop will NOT run.

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Please contact the Battalion Park School Council Traffic Safety Coordinator, Maxine Bruggencate, at kissndrop@bpschoolcouncil.ca  if you have any questions.

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