Those who choose to use the Kiss and Drop for after school pick up can either proceed up Sierra Morena Road and turn right onto Sienna Park Drive, or enter directly along Sienna Park Drive.

Students will be grouped into a staging space near the Active Zone. There will be three groupings of students. One area will be for Kindergarten and Grade 1 Students.  Another area will be for Grade 2 & 3 Students.  And a final area will be for Grade 4 through 6 Students.


Once the car has entered and stopped in the “Active Zone” of the Kiss and Drop, your child will need to raise his or her hand to notify the Volunteer that they have identified their car. The Active Zone consists of the first 3 car lengths in the line-up. A volunteer will not approach your car until you have entered the Active Zone and stopped. The child MUST wait in the staging area with his or her hand raised until the Volunteer accompanies him or her to their car. The Volunteer will confirm that the child is to be picked up by the driver and then safely buckle or supervise the child buckling him or herself into the car.



Again, if your child is in Kindergarten, they will have a “Kinder-Tag”. You will be given a matching Kinder-Tag to display in your car window. Once a match is found, the Volunteer will escort your Kindergarten child directly to your car. For example, if your child has a KINDERGARTEN 25 on his or her backpack, you will have KINDERGARTEN 25 displayed in your car window. This will allow the Volunteers to quickly identify which car to bring the Kindergarten child to in a safe, well-organized fashion.



The transition from the staging area to the car, and supervision of safely buckling your child into your car, will be conducted in a safe, efficient manner. Once the Volunteer has closed the door, you may safely signal and re-enter the regular traffic flow along Sienna Park Drive. The next two cars in the Active Zone will then be attended to.

If your child is not ready with their hand up when you pull up to the Kiss and Drop area for pick up, you must immediately leave the Active Zone and loop around. Please ensure that you are safely signalling and re-entering the regular traffic flow along Sienna Park Drive. Please follow all regular traffic laws as you exit the Active Zone. Please do not make illegal U-turns. Also, please do not use our neighbours’ driveways to turn around in. Be assured that your child is being safely supervised while you loop around.

Please re-align yourself to either proceed up Sierra Morena Road and turn right onto Sienna Park Drive, or enter directly along Sienna Park Drive to re-enter the Active Zone.


The Volunteers will not leave until all of the children have been picked up. If you are not there to pick up your child, the Volunteer will accompany him or her to the main school office

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