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The Seanachie Irish Pub
5909 Signal Hill Centre SW
Join us for a night of fund-raising fun with a
50/50 Draw, Good Food and Battalion Park Friends!

Ticket sales is now closed!


Chermaen Lindberg, Technology
contact: IT@bpschoolcouncil.ca

For Grade 1-6 students, we are moving our Fun Lunch/Snack to every Monday, and we will be alternating the Mondays between Fun Lunch and Fun Snack!

Thank you Poko Popcorn for generously donating our first Fun Snack of the year!

To kick off our Fun Lunch/Snack Program, we were excited that Poko Popcorn offered a free bag of popcorn to students on September 24! Let’s all thank Poko Popcorn for their generous donation and for supporting our Fun Lunch/Snack program!
To receive your child’s free bag of popcorn, you are required to sign up for an account at www.bp.schoolcouncil.net. An order must be placed to receive your child’s free bag of popcorn. For liability reasons, we cannot give any students popcorn if no order is placed by the parent.

Download Grade 1-6 Fun Lunch Calendar

For Fun Lunch Committee:

For Grade 1-6 and other inquiries contact: funlunch@bpschoolcouncil.ca

For Kindergarten Fun Lunch inquiries contact: kinder@bpschoolcouncil.ca

For allergy related inquiries contact: allergy@bpschoolcouncil.ca

For technology related inquiries contact: help@bpschoolcouncil.ca

Suzi Awada, Pamela Colonna, Leah Craig, Jennifer Landels, Chermaen Lindberg, Jessica Moran, Carla Nelson, Nichola Smith, Kenana Sleiman, Trish Wojcichowsky, Wendy Karl, Melissa Benson


Welcome Back to the 2018 – 2019 School Year!

We hope you had a wonderful summer and have now had an opportunity to embrace the rhythm and flow of the September schedule.

We are very excited about the year ahead and all that it will bring for our children, parents, staff and community of Battalion Park School. We have been very fortunate to have such true spirit and connectivity both within and beyond the school buildings and grounds and look forward to another fantastic season again.

The success and growth of our school has been enhanced by the outstanding and meaningful parental involvement we have had over the years. This commitment to our children’s educational experience as well as supporting the staff and administration has created a strong sense of community that has become a cherished tradition at Battalion Park. Whether you have a few minutes or a number of hours, your contributions make a significant difference and add lasting value to the school community as a whole.

We are very grateful for all the volunteers who have helped shape our school and to those who have continued to share their efforts. This kind and dedicated service is a hallmark of the positivity and connection that continues to characterize Battalion Park and ultimately provides a beneficial, memorable and happy experience for our children.

As we move toward our first Council meeting on Wednesday, September 26th, we encourage you become involved when and where you are able and look forward to sharing many adventures, ideas and victories as the weeks and months unfold.

Thank you for being part of our Battalion Park Family.

Ranj Bawa
Chair, Battalion Park School Council