For Kindergarten Students

On November 2nd, all kindergarten students will enjoy a free bag of pop corn with compliments from poka popcorn!

Every Wednesday will be Bring a Toonie fun snack day for the students. Please bring a toonie in exchange for snack.

**Do not order your fun snacks from Healthy Hunger.

For Grade 1-6 Students

We are pleased to announce the launch of our Battalion Park School Fun Lunch/Snack program for 2017 -2018 (Grade 1-6 only)!
Our first fun snack will start on November 3!  Every student will be offered a free bag of pop corn this Friday!
Our first fun lunch is on Wednesday Nov 8,  and all orders must be placed on Wednesday, Nov 1!

What’s New in our Fun Lunch Program

This year, our fun lunch committee has brought in many different food vendors for our students. It is our goal to make fun lunch/snack “fun” for everyone and also introduce new healthy options for our students to try. Every third Wednesday, we will have a fun lunch and every Wednesday in between, the students get to enjoy a fun snack. (Nov 3rd Friday Fun Snack is the only exception. All other fun lunch/snack days will fall on Wednesdays! Be sure to put in all your orders the Wednesday prior!

Click to Download Fun Lunch Calendar for Grade 1-6 

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