We are pleased to announce the launch of our Battalion Park School Fun Lunch/Snack program

Our first fun snack on Monday, September 24th is FREE!  While this is a free snack, you are required to order your popcorn by this coming Monday, September 17th on our new website:

A Big Thank You
A big thank you to all the families and staff who have supported our Fun Snack/Lunch Program last year. We have successfully raised enough funds to help pay for the students’ residency programs this year!

What’s New in our Fun Lunch Program
Our fun lunch committee is committed to making fun lunch/snack “fun” for everyone and also introduce new healthy options for our students to try. For Grade 1-6 students, we are moving our Fun Lunch/Snack to every Monday, and we will be alternating the Mondays between Fun Lunch and Fun Snack! For Kindergarten students, please check your Kinder Fun Lunch Calendar.

A generous donation from Poko popcorn to kick off our First Fun Snack!
To help kick off our program, we are excited to offer a free bag of Popcorn to students for our September 24th Fun Snack! Let’s all thank Poko popcorn for the generous donation and support of Battalion Park School’s fun lunch/snack program. They will be providing two options of popcorn: Salted Butter or Caramel.
To receive your child’s free bag of popcorn, you are required to sign up for an account at www.bp.schoolcouncil.net

**Note that Pokopopcorn is NOT a nut free facility. An order must be placed to receive your child’s free bag of popcorn. For liability reasons, we cannot give any students popcorn if no order is placed by the parent.

Registering for the fun lunch/snack program is as easy as 1..2..3.
1. Log into www.bp.schoolcouncil.net
2. Sign up for a free account or Log in
3. Click on Add A Student
4. Click on Mange Orders
All fun lunch/snacks are due the week before!

Download Grade 1-6 Fun Lunch Calendar

Proceed to Our Fun Lunch Ordering Online Program >> www.bp.schoolcouncil.net

For our Kindergarten Students

Kindergarten students are invited to participate in the Fun Snack Program this year. Fun snacks will be offered on the last Monday of the month (with the exception of December, March and June as there is no school on those days.)
TO order your fun snack, click here to download your order form >>

Questions? Contact one of us:
Online Program: help@bpschoolcouncil.ca
Food Allergy: allergy@bpschoolcouncil.ca
Kindergarten Program: kinder@bpschoolcouncil.ca
All other inquiries: funlunch@bpschoolcouncil.ca

From the Fun Lunch Committee


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