Opportunity to Help with Kiss and Drop:

We are currently looking for volunteers that would be interested in assisting with the Kiss and Drop procedure. We are in need of several volunteers. If you are able to sign up once, or several times, we would be most appreciative of your volunteered time. In order to do so, you will need:

* Police Security Clearance

* Be at the school from 8:45AM-9:05AM for the morning shift

* Be at the school from 3:30PM-3:50PM for the afternoon shift

*If everybody did 3 shifts a year, we would have all of our shifts covered! Not everybody can do a 20 minute shift and we understand that, so we would be most appreciative of any time you are able to volunteer.

In order to accommodate parents with younger siblings, we strongly encourage you to establish your own BUDDY PARENT. This will help parents with younger children/siblings of a child going to Battalion Park School still be able to volunteer with this program.


If you can partner up with a friend – or ask us to help find you a “Buddy Parent”- you could help each other out and still volunteer during the Kiss and Drop Program. For example, let’s say Susan and Jane become Buddy Parents together. Susan can volunteer for the AM Volunteer shift from 8:45AM-9:05 AM and Jane will watch her kids for her during this time (in the playground or in Jane’s car if the weather is cold/rainy).

Jane can then volunteer for the PM Kiss and Drop shift from 3:30PM-3:50 PM and Susan will watch her children during this time. This way they can BOTH sign up for a shift and all younger children are kept safe and happy. Please consider trying the Buddy Parent Approach and sign up for volunteer shifts together. You are responsible for making this match work best for you.

A group of On Call Parents will also be created so that if you need to change or switch shifts, contact information for a group of volunteers will be available to do so in a timely fashion. Monthly emails with this information will be sent to you.

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To learn more about the Kiss & Drop Program, click on the following links below:

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Please contact the Battalion Park School Council Traffic Safety Coordinator, Maxine Bruggencate, at kissndrop@bpschoolcouncil.ca  if you have any questions.

Thank you for your support and encouragement in the launching of The Battalion Park Kiss and Drop.We are excited to implement this new program. It will provide a safer, smoother process of dropping off and picking up your child from school.pic7

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