Upcoming Events

Meet our School Board Trustee: Wednesday May 8 at 6pm
Join us as our trustee addresses some of the ongoing topics that the trustees are working on, including planning school populations and student accommodation as they move from elementary to middle and high school.

School Council AGM: Wednesday May 22 at 6pm
Join us to find out more about the 2019/2020 school budget, iPads, the school playground and more!
For council contact information, open roles and meeting notes, please visit: Council

Spring Picnic: Thursday June 13

Fun Lunch/Snack Program

Did you know that our team of 12 volunteers have delivered over 6,000 Fun Lunches/Snacks so far this school year?! Find out how Fun Lunches/Snacks benefit our school at Fun Lunch/Snack Program.

Want to get involved? Contact funlunch@bpschoolcouncil.ca
To order Fun Snacks and Fun Lunches, please visit: www.bp.schoolcouncil.net


If you would like to purchase school apparel, please visit the school’s office to check on stock availability. 

Join Our Volunteering Team Today!

Battalion School Council

For more Information about how you can volunteer at Battalion Park School, email us at chair@bpschoolcouncil.ca
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