Welcome to the Battalion Park School Council website. See the latest BP School Council meeting dates and minutes, student activities and events, and purchase new school merchandise.

School Council

Want to hear about what Battalion Park School is up to? Any parent of a current student at Battalion Park School is more than welcome to join our meetings and hear/discuss everything our students are doing. We discuss curriculum, funds, events, fundraising and more. Check out our Council page. View our recent Meeting Minutes.

Available Volunteer Opportunities:

Vice Chair
Fundraising Committee
Parent Engagement
Event Coordinator

We are selling beautiful plants to raise money for Battalion Park.

Our goal is to raise $3,500 for a digital display to install inside the school. This display will allow us to post important announcements, upcoming events, display student artwork, and highlight ongoing activities. Click here to place your order. Place orders by May 16th , 2024.

Fun Lunch/Snack Program

Did you know that our team of 12 volunteers delivered over 6,000 Fun Lunches/Snacks during the 2018/2019 school year?! Find out how Fun Lunches/Snacks benefit our school at Fun Lunch/Snack Program.

To order Fun Snacks and Fun Lunches, please visit: www.bp.schoolcouncil.net