Mission Statement for the Battalion Park School Council and Signal Hill School Enhancement Society

The Battalion Park School Council and the Signal Hill School Enhancement Society are committed to working together to support the goals of Battalion Park School. Our membership facilitates this by engaging our school community in promoting student leadership, academic and personal achievement, and active citizenship.


2019-2020 Meeting Minutes

There are no meeting minutes at this time, we will have Septembers soon.

Council Members

Jessica Moran, Chair
contact: chair@bpschoolcouncil.ca

Brent Bromley, Vice-Chair
contact: vicechair@bpschoolcouncil.ca

Maria Ivanovic, Key Communicator
contact: communicator@bpschoolcouncil.ca

Zeyad Al-Ssalmani, Secretary
: secretary@bpschoolcouncil.ca

OPEN, Social Events Committee

Kristi & Brian McKinnon, Treasurer
: treasurer@bpschoolcouncil.ca

Lauren Savoie, Volunteer Coordinator
contact: volunteer@bpschoolcouncil.ca

OPEN, Special Events Committee (Parent Engagement)

OPEN, Student Engagement

Holly Moir, Student Council Liaison and Teacher Representative
contact: scliaison@bpschoolcouncil.ca

Philip Moir, SHSES President
contact: shses@bpschoolcouncil.ca

OPEN, SHSES Treasurer & Casino Coordinator

For Fun Lunch contacts, please visit Fun Lunch


For updates/questions on the Battalion Park School Council Website, please contact website@bpschoolcouncil.ca

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